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Derek Peters

Derek grew up wanting to be a Ninja Instructor or an Artist. It wasn't until his mid teens that he realized that you aren't really born a Ninja, but you can be born a creative, well maybe you can be born really bad at math and being a creative helps one to avoid the more complicated math. While aged in the single digits, Derek fondly recalls his first camera being a red 110mm film camera. He remembers taking self portraits with his drawings of Bart Simpson and being dressed up as his favorite wrestler "Jake the Snake", always with the white background stylings of Richard Avedon. Richard would use a white background, Derek would use the next best thing; his refrigerator. Derek has always done things his way, usually the opposite way to the people around him. At a parent teacher conference Derek's mom was told that he regrettably wasn't like the other kids, while the other children were correctly coloring green elves, Derek's elf was blue. When "dress as your favorite nursery rhyme character day" Derek was Little Miss Muffet. These eccentricities would continue to develop and get him into trouble for the next several years. Derek is a creative. In his junior year of high school he became reacquainted with Photography when his arch-frienemy Brandon Lowry came to school with a sweet new FOUR MEGAPIXEL digital camera. The Sony Mavica 400. Derek and Brandon were the  photographers for the school yearbook and newspaper. The next summer Derek worked his ass off scrubbing an orchid green house and saved up $1200 for none other than the Sony Mavica 500! One Megapixel better than his rival Brandon Lee Lowry! but Brandon had graduated and was off in Canada at some school for Criminally Insane Boys, so Derek took over. This was about the time some fellow seniors weren't able to afford proper senior photos, but needed some in a hurry. Derek and Mavica 500 to the rescue. The very next year Derek was enrolled in Photo School, and his arch-nemesis was too. Derek has never looked back. 

Work History:

Andrews University Darkrooms & Digital Dark Rooms, Johnson-Rauhoff Agency, Derek Peters Photography, Larry McCay Photography Inc., Tire Rack Marketing Department, & Chattographer! (Working with many Chattanooga based companies)