Photographer's Assistants

Chattographer's Assistants

Here are some things that I expect of both myself and the assistants that I hire.

Professionalism. Act as if the POTUS (Your favorite one) is in the room. Whether or not the client is on set, we will conduct ourselves as if they are. If the client is acting silly, we will still maintain a high level of friendly professionalism.

Dressed appropriately: Usually nice jeans, a nice t-shirt or polo, and comfortable athletic shoes. If this attire does not seem appropriate, don't hesitate to ask.

Timely: Show up on set early enough that if there is bad traffic you are still early and ready to work. If you think you are going to be late, please call ahead and let us know your ETA. Lombardi Time

Language: Don't curse unless you really, really smash your finger good. Be conscious of how you talk and what you talk about. We are on an assignment to complete a project as quickly and efficiently as possible, so let's avoid distractions and only talk about the task at hand.

Cell Phones & Cigarettes: Keep it reasonable. Excuse yourself (at an appropriate time) then go somewhere private where the client is not going to see you..

Pick things up, don't drag or slide them. (Flowers on a table, Chair on a Set, Light Stands, etc.) Don't sit on anything except for a chair that is provided for sitting. (Don't sit in a chair that we are about to photograph) Don't throw anything.

Proactive: A client should never secretly wonder "What am I paying this bozo for?" You are there to make Chattographer's job & everyone else on set, as easy as possible. A short list of things that can always be done:

1. Check shotlist 2. Prepare for what is next 3. Clean up (anything, everything) 4. Take some notes or double check notes for accuracy. 5. Check the equipment, make sure cords look good, make sure the settings are correct. 6. Ask anyone on set if they need anything. 7. Make sure subject person/product is clean and stylized. 8. Double check the Photographer to make sure they are working as efficiently as possible. 9. See if anyone needs a coffee or water. 10. Check the set and see if there is anything that can be adjusted 11. Find out if it would be appropriate to do some behind-the-scenes photos or video. 12. Rinse and repeat.

Have a basic knowledge of the following for lunch and break times: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Retro Video Games, Syfy, Board Games, Professional Football, Secret Weekend Swimming Holes.

Work Flow

Work Flow

In an effort to better serve you, this is a fluid work flow to quickly and efficiently get your project going and completed. All clients will now be asked to follow these steps.

1) Client - Read Terms & Conditions

2) Client - Complete and Submit: Quote Info

3) Chattographer - Will respond in 1-2 business days with a fluid proposal/estimate.

4) Client & Chattographer - will discuss terms via Email, Phone Call, and/or Face to Face.

5) Chattographer - will e-mail Client an Updated Proposal with Terms as discussed.  

6) Client - Will send an e-mail response with approval for project to begin & deposit via USPS.

7) Chattographer - Project will begin & be completed as agreed upon

8) Chattographer will deliver files as agreed up & final invoice.

9) Client will Download & View files within 1-2 business days & as agreed upon.

10) Client will Pay Invoice, Finalizing the project as agreed upon.








Photography Agreement & Terms

Photography Agreement & Terms

If this is your first time visiting this blog entry, please read sections 1 -3, if this isn't your first rodeo, thanks for your repeat business, and skip on to sections 2 & 3.



After meeting with a local (TN) lawyer (thanks to, I was able to take the myths out of a Photography contract. The best thing that I learned is that lawyer speak is not a real thing. I can make the contract readable for the average English speaking human being. The next thing I was able to verify is that the "creator"  is the owner for the work and is known as the Licensor. The Licensor then states in a contract exactly who can use/license the work, how the work can be used/reproduced/presented and for what amount of time. By default the Licensor always has full rights unless otherwise stated in the agreement. The contract also needs to describe the scope of work: Who does what, what the liabilities are, and the expectations of both the Licensor and Client.  A simple but clear electronic exchange of agreements is as binding as a signed document. The above and below are standard professional practices for Licensors and Clients.


-Chattographer, an independent contractor, is the Licensor and You and/or Your Client are the "Client/s" 

-Any materials transmitted to the Client from the Licensor are not to be transmitted/sold to any party not listed in agreement. No publishing of any kind is allowed outside of the License agreement.

-The agreement applies only to the original specification of the services. Additional fees and charges shall be paid by Client for any subsequent changes, additions or variation requested.

-Fees must be paid within 30 days of final file delivery.

-A $100 deposit (per day) will lock in the requested dates for project. The deposit will go toward the final bill, if project goes according to agreement. Deposit will only be refundable if 2 week cancellation/delay notice is given, before first day of originally scheduled production.

-Files will be delivered digitally via a downloadable link. Delivery via a physical Hard-Drive is available as an upgrade upon request.

-Client is responsible for providing a representative for project approvals. If no representative is provided, client will accept Licensor's interpretation for all works created.

-Client will be responsible for releases as needed for Models, Locations, Trademarks, etc.

-In the rare case of lost, stolen, or damaged files, Licensor will only be held responsible for their part of the agreement through an attempt to rectify the situation. (A complete redo)

-Licensor and Client will hold each other harmless in accidental cases of Equipment damages, Property damages, and any instances of bodily harm, including death. (Chattographer is more than 11,799 days death-free)

3) What you can expect from Chattographer 


-High quality industry standard digital content.

-A Creative who wants to impress you and your audience.

-Nearly 15 years experience.