Hire a Pro

Hire a Pro

Do you have a project that seems so big you that are scared to even start? Bring in the right people and let them amaze you at how smoothly your project can go and watch it rise to a level that you never imagined.

It makes me think back to planning my wedding last summer. I am a very DIY kind of guy and had plans to do the whole wedding myself, even the food. As time went on I became increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated. I happened to be friends with a caterer who said "Derek, you're going to poison your guests and your big day will be ruined, come to my shop next week and let's just talk" So I gave in, had a fact-finding & obligation-free meeting, and was amazed at how great it was to work with a professional. (

If you think about the job that you have right now, whether it be a McD's Burger Flipper, CEO of Dunder-Mifflin, or anything in between. Could someone just walk in, take over your job, and effortlessly be as good as you are? No, even the burger flipper has learned many tricks-of-the-trade, expectations of those around them, time-saving exercises, correct cooking temperatures, built relationships with vendors and much more.   

Could my wedding have been fine doing it all myself? Maybe. Having someone who has dedicated their life; gone to school and specialized, spent years honing their craft and learning from a seasoned professional, worked their way up, started their own business and spent years growing and perfecting; has the potential to take "just fine" to "beyond your wildest dreams."

Choosing to DIY and avoid a professional to "save a few bucks" has the potential to; worse case poison your company or best case just "get by" when you could be giving your brand the boost it needs to put your competition; worse case: In your rear-view mirror or best case sending you their resume. In other words you can do it yourself and lose a lot of time, money, and business or you can use professional resources, industry specific knowledge, and skill to get you up to speed with your competition and built for the future.

Sometimes you have to entrust your baby to a professional. Don't be the person who says; "I have a professional camera, so I don't really need a photographer" or the client who is just so attached to their baby that there is no room for growth and the legs are never able to develop, or the groom who has 14 other things going on and feels a need to put hsi guests at risk. Don't settle for fine- aim for amazing. Stick to your responsibilities and know when to ask for help.