RATES- Chattographer production rates are based on the area average for freelance Photographers & Digital Production Specialists. These rates will vary from job to job and are based on a/n hourly, half day, full day, and weekly rate.
The more time you reserve, the more value you will receive.

    You will not find many Digital Production Specialists with as much Experience and Industry Knowledge, as well as Client Satisfaction. If you would like to receive a quote for your needs, please visit the Quotes section below and fill out the fields as they apply to your specific needs. You can expect a reply with a Quote within 24 hours.

The quote you receive will increase if the job grows beyond the original quote, and if the original agreed upon date for production is delayed. Rates generally include: Industry based research, Location Scouting, Travel (Up to 30 min.), Equipment & Setup, Professionally educated Photographer with 10+ years experience, Digitally Enhanced Images, and Easy to identify File Naming by a Professionally educated Digital Production Specialist with 10+ years experience, & Digital Delivery. Files are generally delivered within 7-14 days.
     Post Processing & Retouching is rarely less than 20 minutes per image, and can take over an hour, depending on complexity. This includes color-correction, clean up, weight loss (you'd be surprised how often it's requested), color and contrast enhancement,  etc. Additional retouching may be requested.

Average national rates from 2015:

We live in a digital world, we've all got a computer virus, had a hard drive crash, dropped a phone in the toilet, or a myriad of other unfortunate digital failures. In the extremely rare case of digital misfortune Chattographer will do their best to make it right. We all know it happens to the best of us. Chattographer backups up your files for a guaranteed 3 months, sometimes longer. If you download your files and your hard drive crashes, we have you covered for 90 days. We recommend that you immediately download and immediately back up the files that you recieve.

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